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Let Art Be My Voice is an advocacy campaign against gender-based violence that uses art through a gender transformative approach to teaching school children, school administrators, and community members about the different forms of violence against girls and women and their role in eradicating these vices. This program aims to use fun-filled art painting sessions to disseminate information and raise awareness on the different forms of gender-based Violence among school children ages 10 - 17, school administrators, and community members through the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Our campaign will have a focus on harm and abuse education to teach children about the different forms of violence or abuse through art which will help them easily identify these forms of violence and abuse and know their role in preventing them. Since children that have been abused most times find it difficult to tell someone or recognize that the abuse is wrong, this campaign will help them find confidence to ask a trusted adult for help. It also seeks to empower school administrators and community leaders to identify and recognize abuse or violence and respond appropriately to the children who confide in them.

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