About Us

Core Values

We take an intersectional feminist approach in our work.


To amplify girls and women's voices in society


A world where girls and women are free from all forms of violence, inequality and poverty with their voices amplified and heard in all spheres of socio- economic development

Our Values

01. Empathy

We will keep our egos in check, so that we can lead with empathy and open minds. In order to do this, we will work towards accepting our vulnerabilities, as well as recognizing and valuing our strengths and those of others.

02. Courage

We will constantly aim for transformative change, seeking out new ideas and learning from mistakes rather than fearing failure, and empowering those we work with to do the same.

03. Inclusion

We will create ways for everyone to be equally heard, respected and successful. We will challenge ourselves to build diverse and inclusive teams and to recognize and respond to different barriers to participation.

04. Zero Tolerance

We will call out any form of discrimination and abuse of power that we witness or experience in the workplace, and safely enable and support those around us to do the same. We will ensure our own conduct is free from any form of harassment, exploitation and abuse.

05. Dignity

We will front respect and trust, equal treatment, valuation of one's worth, fair-treatment, autonomy and freedom of expression and decision making in our workplace and in the communities.

06. Sustainability

To us, sustainability means active responsibility. We will ensure to front the responsibility of protecting the environment and the beneficial development of the social environment in which we operate.

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